Kittie Kittie™ partners with The Barker Rescue Project!

Baltimore, MD. August 12nd, 2018

Kittie Kittie™ is making our next donation of $2000 to the Barker Rescue Project in Landrum, S.C. The Rescue Project is a 501c3 organization that focuses on the spay/neuter, adoption, awareness and education to further the health and happiness of the kitties in our lives!

We like the work they do at Barker Rescue Project. They have a strong Facebook page and their Instagram feed is amazing! Who doesn’t love endless pictures of kittens? Nobody, that’s who! It just makes you want to adopt a dozen cats tonight.

(So, a brief word to all of the rescue operations out there: take advantage of social media to its fullest extent. Everybody is on Instagram, plus, it’s free and people will find you. I know you are up to your necks in vet work and placements but take a few minutes and start an Instagram page. And then take pictures of the pets and post them. It’s easy!)

We are donating $2,000 to Barker Rescue Project to help this organization maintain the high levels of adoption success they have had since they opened in 2016. Their Facebook page has a long line of fosters and forever home success stories, plus they host creative events such as the Paint Your Pet (not actually changing the color of the cats) at a wine and paint store in Greenville, about 30 miles south of Landrum.

Barker Rescue Project has also hosted pet adoption events at Greenville pet stores in the past, not to mention a very successful cat and kitten adoption fair in Mauldin in July. It’s this type of effort that gives us confidence that our donation will be put to good use to assist in the rehabilitation and rescue of cats in the Carolinas.

Here is a quick story about Greyson (the one-eyed Kittie featured below). Greyson found his way to one of Barker's foster mom's Becky. She fed this poor fella and soon realized he had a substantial injury to one of his eyes. She checked around and as it normally goes no one claimed this big grey cat with the injured eye. Becky consistently worked with him to gain his trust. She brought him inside and he became a Barker cat! Greyson's eye did end up needing to be removed, but he handled it like a champ!!!

You can find Barker Rescue Project on the various social media accounts, with Facebook being the easiest way to contact them if you’re interested in volunteering or fostering. Or plug in their Web site at

A special shout out to Michelle Weckle for nominating this wonderful organization!